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Legacy fundraising for smaller charities

Legacy fundraising for smaller charities

Legacy income – and why it matters Gifts in Wills are the holy grail of fundraising. LarkOwl’s excellent report, ‘The calm before the storm, UK Fundraising RoI 2020’ estimates a return of £30.55 for every £1 spent on legacy fundraising. This of course massively outstrips all other forms of fundraising. We all know that gifts…

Fundraising Coach

The Fundraising Coach – and why we all need one

If there’s one rule in fundraising that I’m more convinced about than ever, it’s that great fundraising and coaching go hand in hand. Whether you’re a fundraising director, manager, fundraising assistant or volunteer, coaching can transform the way you think, relate and fundraise. Fundraising is tough Let’s face it, fundraising can be a tough business.…

fundraising culture

How to create a culture of philanthropy

Organisational culture isn’t something that fundraisers talk about very much. But to thrive, successful fundraising needs the right climate. And that’s where culture comes in.   What is a culture of philanthropy? Also known as a ‘fundraising culture’, charities that embody a culture of philanthropy view everyone as an ambassador for the organisation. They believe…