Legacy fundraising

Legacies are a major source of income to the voluntary sector and this income stream is widely expected to grow in the future ; in fact, over the next five years, UK legacy income will grow by up to 24%. In the past the UK legacy fundraising market was largely dominated by the major charities; but things have changed and many small and medium-sized organisations have invested in a a legacy programme – and are now starting to see significant growth from this.

Many of the organisations we talk to are uncertain about how to set up a legacy programme or to improve their existing legacy fundraising. This is where we come in. Whether you need support to develop a legacy strategy, identify and nurture legacy prospects, analyse your data or create powerful legacy marketing materials, we can help.

Led by seasoned legacy expert Sanita Guddu our support can help you increase your income from legacies, transform the way you deliver your legacy progamme and put the foundations in place for long-term sustainability.