Are you wanting to improve your individual giving programme? Or even to start up an individual giving programme from scratch? We can help.

Individual giving can be a vital source of support for charities and CICs. For many, individual giving levels have held up during the pandemic. There’s lots of advice out there for non-profits about they can grow this income stream; despite this, many of the smaller charities we speak to are uncertain about the best way to go about building an effective individual giving programme.

We can help you to:

  • Develop a major donor strategy
  • Create a powerful case for support for individual donors
  • Create an effective supporter journey
  • Build stronger relationships with supporters
  • Communicate more effectively with your donor audiences
  • Understand why your donors give and respond to emerging trends
  • Develop effective systems and processes for managing data
  • Identify major donors and legators from your pool of individual givers

Led by Fundraising Consultant Ltd’s founder, Sarah Squire, our support can help you transform the way you think about and relate to your individual givers.


For more information about individual giving, please get in touch.