Over the years we have raised millions of pounds for good causes.  Here are some of many causes, organisations and sectors we have worked in:

Children & young people
  • Brighton Youth Centre (Brighton) Bid writing / trust fundraising 
  • Eikon  (Addlestone)Audit, strategy and interim Director of Fundraising
  • Ditch the Label (Brighton) Fundraising strategy and bid writing
  • Oasis Trust (London) Head of Fundraising and Communications (inhouse)
  • Off Centre (Hackney) Trust fundraising
  • St Christopher’s Fellowship (Wimbledon) Fundraising Manager (inhouse) 
  • Young Lambeth Cooperative (Lambeth) Strategy and training
Community and social welfare
  • Kentish Town City Farm Advice and strategy
  • London Borough of Camden Training and coaching 
  • Mind in Brighton and Hove Strategy and bid writing
  • Mental Health Research UK (Oxford) Strategy and bid writing
  • OnePlusOne (London) Audit, marketing and bid writing
  • Red Horse Foundation (Stroud)  Audit, strategy and bid writing
  • Rooftop Housing Group Strategy
  • Splitz Support Service (Trowbridge) Audit, strategy & interim Fundraising Manager
  • The Nature of It (Chippenham) Strategy and bid writing
Health and medical
Religion and faith-based causes
  • Bible Society (Swindon) Bid writing
  • Baptist Missionary Society (Didcot) Audit, strategy and bid writing
  • Cambridge Community Church Strategy
  • Christian Blind Mission (Cambridge)Coaching and mentoring
  • The Churches Conservation Trust Bid writing
  • Cinnamon Network Strategy and bid writing
  • Innovista (Oxford) Fundraising audit
  • Micah Challenge (London) Strategy and case for support
  • REACH Community Project (Haverhill) Strategy, training and coaching
  • Religious Society of Friends – Quakers (London) Interim
  • Sat-7 (Chippenham) Audit and strategy
  • Tearfund (Teddington) Trust and corporate fundraising (inhouse)
  • Theos (Swindon) Strategy
Vulnerable groups e.g. people who are disabled, homeless people, army veterans, the elderly
  • Age Concern North Dorset Coaching and mentoring
  • Alzheimer’s Research UK Strategy, coaching and mentoring
  • Brandon Trust Strategy, coaching and bid writing
  • Concordis International Strategy
  • Crossroads Care Surrey Audit
  • Halow Project Strategy, interim and bid writing
  • Door of Hope Bid writing
  • iSight Cornwall Audit and bid writing
  • Transport for All Bid writing
  • The Trussell Trust Strategy and interim Head of Fundraising
Education, training and employment
  • British Science Association Strategy
  • Chelsea Community Hospital School Strategy
  • Curriculum for Life
  • University of Plymouth Law Clinic Bid writing and case for support
Arts, culture, environment and heritage
  • Academy of Live and Recorded Arts Strategy
  • Cheltenham Festivals Strategy
  • Choral Foundation Bid writing
  • People’s Trust for Endangered Species (London)Strategy, coaching and mentoring
  • RAF Museum Interim Head of Fundraising
  • Royal Cornwall Museum (Truro) Audit, strategy, coaching and mentoring
  • Tyne Rivers Trust Strategy
  • Wild Oxfordshire Strategy