Horizon-scanning and why it’s essential

The charity and not-for-profit landscape is constantly changing. How much time do – and should – you invest in staying abreast of these changes? And will this help improve your fundraising performance? What does the future look like? https://publications.ncvo.org.uk/road-ahead-2020/ makes a good start at answering this question. For weeks this report has been on my…


New Appointment

We are delighted that Charmaine Farrugia is joining Fundraising Consultants Ltd. To celebrate her appointment we are offering a free fundraising audit to 3 small-medium sized charities. First come first served!Get in touch TODAY

Charity donors and how not to abuse them

Retaining existing donors is so much more cost effective than recruiting new donors to replace disaffected ones you lose.  So why isn’t more effort put into supporter retention? Short-term focus   Perhaps part of the reason is how fundraisers’ and fundraising managers’ performance is measured.  They’re often judged on short-term income metrics, meaning all eyes…